Welcome to my gallery! This is where I'm trying to collect all of my creative work. There is a lot though, so everything isn't up yet, but I'm working on it by adding pictures every day. Please have a look in the menu. I hope you will enjoy it and get inspired.           / Tilla G

Just another art journal...

Folder for papers and documents. I think I'm going to have it at work.

Made a matching art journal as well

I just had to do this. Pinned it from pinterest years ago and I thought it looked cute and practical. So now I have my own! Choosed meadow green since that is the colours in out kitchen.

My stamps!!


Vicky Papaioannou just made a card on her Youtube channel with MY stamps! Or.. It is Simon Says Stamp who released them, but it is my drawing and design. Fun!

New challenge in the crafty life challenge blog!


This month the theme for the challange is.... Flowers!

My contribution as inspiration. An art journal page with a lot of flowers, both beautiful and..... Beautiful. The quote says: "little deeds are like little seeds. They grow to flowers or to weeds" and at the bottom of the page: "weeds are flowers too once you get to know them."

What can be a more suitable theme for the month of May? I love flowers! 

This is my lay out. Inspired by the moodboard on the craftylifechallenges.blogspot.gr

My layout for the april challenge at the craftylifechallenges.blogspot.gr  Inspired by the moodboard below!

Moodboard for the april challenge!

My layout for the april challenge! Love the

"Get messy" this is my Art Journal page as inspiration for the challenge!

Mixed Media- projects and pages

Mixed media

Mixed media

Mixed media

Mixed media

Mixed media

Mixed media, art journal page

Mixed media

Mixed media,  art journal page

Canvas, mixed media

Book cover,  mixed media

Mirror, mixed media

This is a page in my mixed media art journal

 In art we trust!

Art journal, mixed media

Mixed media, tags for my magazine holders.

Mixed media,  magazine holders

Mixed media, magazine holders